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TOP x Tazza 2


[INTERVIEW]  T.O.P in the eye of Director of Tazza 2 and Other Casts

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Director Kang Hyeong-cheol about T.O.P (via bingoo-top)

T.O.P is a person who has a deep heart. I got a good younger brother with this movie. We became close like real brothers since we live near each other as well.


Choi Seung-Hyun’s growth as an actor has been a beautiful thing to watch! Can’t wait to see Tazza 2


Taeyang: “Today’s special guest! Ringa linga Babies!!:)”

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I’m just gonna say it. I’m so proud of TOP. He’s grown into an accomplished and professional actor.

He took a stigma…. A discomfort… A fear and faced it head on. That’s pure strength.

And to those vips shitting themselves with indignation…. Saying they won’t see the movie;

What kind of fan…

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Is it for a drama? Or a video? I’m so out of the Kpop loop

Did I know you were IN the kpop loop? I feel like i didn’t know this about you! :D Yaaayyy, kpop friend!

It’s for his next…

jiyongs-g-thong: bed scene music in tazza 2 should be anaconda


TOP’s interview for Tazza 2 (5)


VIPs went crazy because of TOPs shirtless pics from Tazza 2. But you know what’s coming next, right?

The leaked gifs and videos of TOP’s bed scene from Tazza 2.

Oh, imagine the chaos that would occur when it happened. I read a fan saying fans would love his body even more if they already seen the bed scene.

So there you go.. Hold on to your ovaries, girls… The fiasco is not over yet..

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